Anish Harsh Thakkar: Green Lighting His Passion for Solar Power

Anish Harsh Thakkar is the co-founder of Greenlight along with Patrick Walsh and Mayank Sekhsaria. He is the start-up’s current CEO.

Greenlight produces Sun King, a solar-powered LED lantern designed to replace the smoky kerosene lanterns widely used in rural areas across South Asia and Africa. The start-up works with a trusted network of social organizations, microfinance lenders, and distributors in underwriting the $35 lamp. All of its lanterns are paid in full on a cash basis because of the strong network.

Its avowed mission: To revolutionize energy access in rural areas particularly the 1.5 billion villagers who live off-grid and who use dangerous kerosene lanterns. Due to its virtually indestructible stand and innovative solar power design, the Sun King was recognized as the best solar lamp by the Economist.

Greenlight has so far raised $4.8 million in equity. It is expanding its distribution network from just 3 states to the entire breadth of East Africa and India, two of the under-penetrated market for clean energy sources.


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