Jason Wang: Taking Food Delivery to the Gourmet Level

In 2012, Jason Wang and his colleagues were frustrated by the absence of delivery services for gourmet food particularly their cravings for Ikes Place sandwiches. He established Caviar, a premium food delivery service for a flat fee of $4.99, to fill in the gap and his business was born on July 2012.

Caviar is considered as the easiest way for gourmet food businesses and their customers to have their favorite dishes and desserts ordered and delivered the 21st century way. Customers who order the food items can live-track their orders on a map as well as browse the menus of their favorite local restaurants, place the order, and decide on the delivery period. Choices in delivery period include a 1-hour fast delivery service or on-hold delivery.

Both food businesses and their customers benefit from the Caviar delivery infrastructure. The businesses can tap into new streams of revenue that were either limited in scope or overlooked completely for various reasons. The customers can enjoy gourmet food delivery to their doorsteps without worrying about minimum and maximum order.

Wang was able to raise $15 million in venture capital from several elite investors including Andreesen Horowitz and Tiger Global. His business was acquired by Square, a company owned and managed by Jack Dorsey, for $90 million in August 2014. The capital infusion has allowed Caviar to expand its operations in 15 cities across the United States as well as increase the number of its employees from 10 to 110.

Wang continues to be active in other business ventures. He co-founded and sold Munch On Me, a daily deals platform for restaurants and their specific dishes, in May 2012. He is still an active manager at 815 Productions, a lucrative mobile app development company that manufactures award-winning apps for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and Android.

He has also started City Foodsters, a food blog, which has been featured in several magazines and websites. His photos have also been displayed in various websites.


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