Adam Belanich & Noah Belanich: Merry Band of Coffee Missionaries

The Belanich brothers – Adam, Noah, and David – are the co-founders of Joyride Coffee as well as the merry band of coffee missionaries committed to spreading the best coffee in offices across the country. The trio started with a froyo truck in 2011 but their priorities soon changed with their observation that offices were being served with inferior coffee in pods, such as Keurig coffee pods. In fact, their avowed goal is to eliminate Keurig coffee pods in offices altogether.

Joyride Coffee bridges the gap between the best specialty coffee from roasters, including Sightglass, Blue Bottle, Equator, and Four Barrel, and their office clientele. The company also provides services in setting up café-quality coffee corners.

Today, Joyride Coffee supplies its products and services to more than 170 offices in San Francisco and 400 in New York City with its growing clients list including Uber, Twitter, Genentech, and Zynga. It also distributes its own Joyride iced coffee brew and Stumptown’s iced coffee.


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