Tyler Perry: An Innovative Filmmaker Ahead of His Time

Tyler Perry wears many hats with aplomb – he is, after all, an actor, director, and screenwriter, as well as playwright, producer, and author, not to mention a songwriter of gospel songs. He is considered as one of entertainment’s highest paid men with his 2010-2011 earnings estimated at US$130 million.

He is famous for his performances of Madea, a fictional character that he also created for the big screen; Madea is an elderly woman known for her tough yet wise character. He has also created films, both full-feature films using locations and sets with full editing as well as live recordings of stage productions. Many of his plays have, in fact, been adapted into full-feature films, thus, proving that his creative genius transcends genres.

Perry has also created, produced and starred in several television shows. “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” is so far his most successful series, which ran for eight seasons (June 2006 to August 2012) on TBS.

On October 2012, he signed an exclusive multi-year partnership with the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), a television network owned by the media titan. The deal was designed to bringing scripted television to the network especially as Perry had enjoyed tremendous success in it.

He went on to develop several successful scripted series for OWN with the most successful being “The Haves and the Have Nots”; the show is considered as OWN’s most successful series because it gave the network its highest ratings to date. The show was popular because Perry delivered highly-anticipated weekly doses of fun filled with tales of manipulations, betrayals, and even slapstick fun for good measure.

Perry has been praised by his colleagues in the entertainment industry especially for his innovative films and plays. His focus on strong black women that resonates with his target audience is also credited for his success on and off the screen.


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