Fadi Makki: Wearing Many Hats Is a Breeze

Few people can wear many hats and excel at all of them and Fadi Makki is one of them. He is a well-known Lebanese expert on a wide range of subjects including trade policy, strategy consulting, public sector reform, sustainable economic development, and social entrepreneurship. His focus is on the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Middle East.

He has comprehensive work experience that has made him one of the most notable and influential persons in his field.

• Advisor to the Chairman of the Qatar National Food Security Program
• Advisor to Lebanon’s Prime Minister on matters concerning the economy and trade
• Advisor Qatari Ministry of Finance, Economy and Commerce on matters related to the World Trade Organization and trade policy
• Principal and Director of Booz & Company
• Director and General Manager of Cisco Qatar
• Director General of Ministry of Economy and Trade of Lebanon

His academic background also reflects his expertise. He has bachelor’s degrees from the Lebanese University Law School and the American University of Beirut; a master’s degree from Hull University and London School of Economics; and a PhD in international trade from Cambridge University.


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