Phiwa Nkambule: Young African Entrepreneur on the Rise

Phiwa Nkambule is a young African Internet entrepreneur. His most successful venture so far is Cybatar, which he founded in October 2014. He started Cyabatar as a social network but its focus turned towards becoming a tech start-up company that works in fuel delivery as well as crowdfunding for student debt; the combination initially appears odd but Phiwa makes it work.

In 2015, Cyabatar announced its first fuel delivery network, Africa’s first of its kind. Many industry experts considered it as evidence that entrepreneurs in South Africa have embraced on-demand economy and as a sign of improvement in the petroleum industry’s value chain.

Cyabatar has received national and international recognition for its lean corporate structure and operations as well as for its technological contributions to the South African community. It was nominated for the 2015 African Corporate Excellence Awards under the Information Technology category.

After the FeesMustFall protests, Cyabatar launched a crowdfunding platform for university scholarships. In it, donors contributed money to save university students from crippling student debts, thus, saving them from possible financial exclusions.


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