Anna Melikian: Making Her Mark in the Directorial World

Anna Melikian is certainly making her mark in the highly competitive world of filmmaking as a premier film and television director and producer. Her works have been recognized by several award-giving bodies and publications in the international film industry.

Melikian learnt the filmmaking trade from yet another highly recognized director, Sergei Solovyov, the director and writer of Assa, a cult favorite. She has become a well-regarded director herself especially in the genre of magic realism, as evidence by her numerous prizes at many of the world’s most prestigious film festivals, such as Sundance, Berlin, and Clermont-Ferrand.

She studied in film school particularly at the All-Russian State University of Cinematography where Sergey Solovyov and Valery Rubinchik also taught. She was awarded the prestigious St. Anna prize for her film, Poste restante, in 2000. After her graduation, she was funded by the GosKino Russian organization to make various television and documentary films.

Melikian has asserted that she never re-watches her films, either at their premier showings or during film festivals. She is more interested in the audience reaction to her works.

Among her numerous awards are:

• FIPRESCI Prize during the 2008 Berlin International Film Festival for Rusalka

• Special Jury Award during the 2001 Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival for Poste restante

• Feature Film during the 2008 Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival for Rusalka

• Independent Camera Award during the 2008 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival for Rusalka

• City of Melbourne Award for Best Short Experimental during the 2001 Melbourne International Film Festival for Poste restante

• Grand Prix award during the 2008 Sofia International Film Festival for Rusalka

• Directing Award, World Cinema – Dramatic during the 2008 Sundance Film Festival for Rusalka

After her Sundance Film Festival victory, she was recognized by Variety magazine as among the Top 10 most perspective film directors.

Aside from the multi-awarded Rusalka and Poste restante, she has also directed other films including Pro Lubov (2015), Zvezda (2014), and Mars (2004).